Greer Photography - noun (gureer fe-tog-ra-fee): Wife & husband photography/business team focused on the art of capturing life as it happens through the lens of a camera in classic, vintage & modern styles. She takes the pictures, he provides the comedy. Informal definition - Two crazy, creative individuals who love spending time with each other and their wild son.

Michelle- noun (me-shell): 1. Overdramatic middle child. 2. Haphazard homemaker and wife to Rob 3. Chaser of and constant buddy to son Luke and constant cuddler of daughter Harper. 3. Photographer who is passionate about life and capturing everyday moments. 4. Lover of the color green, pumpkin pie, history, Nerts, free food, Christmas music and travel.

Rob - noun (rawb): 1. Hilarious husband & best friend to Michelle. 2. Loving, silly father to Luke and Harper. 3. Talented singer, raconteur, constant worrier and life of a party. 4. Enjoys Ben & Jerry's Phish Food, long boarding, sports podcasts, Rocky IV and reading. 5. Some say he invented the month of November.

These stellar people can be reached via e-mail, phone or text.


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